Ronnie's pro boards were set to go, all we needed was a plan so I called the Gonz to see what he had in mind. "Hey Mark, what should we do to surprise Ronnie with his boards?" You never know what he's going to say, but when he responded with "Let's go to an archery range, it'll be fun!" I knew we were dialed.

I made a couple quick phone calls and it was on. We set up targets with Ronnie's graphic at the range, his friends and family hid in closets, and we had more pizza than we could eat. Bobby picked up Ronnie, who had no idea what was happening, and we got to shooting arrows.

When the targets with his name and graphic were revealed, it was awesome seeing Ronnie's face trying to figure out the words. "Those are your pro graphics!" Mark chimed in to help ease his confusion and with that his friends and family jumped out to celebrate.

Congrats Ronnie!!! You rule!!!

Words by Krooked TM Bram De Martelaere

Fun for the whole family.

Style all around, anything you hand the kid.

Watch out now!

Hanging up the custom bullseyes to Surprise Ronnie.

Hid them perfect. Ha!

"It says it right there Ronnie!"

"wait, what does that say?"

Yep, there it is, better believe it!!

Speechless. Perfect.

Fuck yeah Frankie's going to have his board signed!

Good spread!

Strike a pose.

There you have it!!!!! Congrats Ronnie!